Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Agate Business Consulting work closely with client organizations to understand the business strategy, resource pool and their skills to custom build a training requirements which suits the business goal and their after provide and execute the proposed plan, there by building long term relationship with the organisation.

Apart from providing need-based trainings, we provide consultancy in Training & Skill building, prepare training execution plan, tracking training executions and evaluate training impact assessment for continuous improvement.

Employee Onboarding

A customised employee onboarding pack is designed and will provide online and onsite trainings to your new employees with a comprehensive and personalized onboarding experience.

Project Management Training

Successful projects are key to the success of any business. The business should have training and experienced project managers to drive projects. Agile Training Services has experienced hand-on trainers for project management methodologies such as Agile and Scrum.


Communication is one of the most important soft skill an aspiring employer or employee should poses. In this digital age, everyone should be expert in handling communication through digital platform as well as though face-to-face interaction.

We have range of communication courses designed to accommodate both face-to-face interactions and digital age communications like email, chat, and video conferencing.

Soft Skill Trainings

For every employee beyond Technical Skills, it is crucial to have soft skills such as work ethic, attitude, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, communication skills, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, cultural competence and a whole host of other personal attributes.

During lean times, an employer will retain an employee if and only if the employee has some of the key skills such as leadership, good communication, team player and so on. Soft skills required for an occupation will be different from another.

For example: Teachers require key soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, social and emotional intelligence and cultural competence. Whereas, an accountant requires leadership skills, communication, problem solving, organization, customer orientation, teamwork, and task management.