Business Process Optimization

Do you have lengthy expensive business processes?

If "Yes", we work with you to optimize and automate your processes to save cost and resources.

Business Process Automation

Do you have lot of muntane manual tasks?

Why not you lest us automate them?

For running businesses smoothly, we require dedicated and talented resources along with efficient operational processes. If the process is not efficient and talented employees have to follow them, the productivity drops.

Our Business Process Optimization (BPO) service is the targeted redesign of core processes to promote efficiency and strengthen the alignment of individual processes with overall strategy and goals. Some examples of optimization include: Eliminating redundancies. Streamlining workflows. Improving communication. Forecasting changes. The following are the benefits of optimization.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Accurate Information
  • Greater Adaptability
  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability
  • Higher Quality Results
  • Reducing risks
  • Creating more consistency

Once the optimization is complete, Agate will look into automating manual tasks, mundane tasks, and even processes to enable resource and cost optimization. 

Our Business process automation (BPA) service uses technology to automate repeatable, multistep business transactions. Processes are defined as activities that are designed to accomplish specific goals. Examples include procuring goods, approving contracts, and onboarding new hires. There are two main types of automation available:

  • API-based digital process automation: cloud flows.
  • UI-based robotic process automation (RPA): desktop flows.



Business Process Optimization

Organizations usually change processes due to internal/external environment changes such as market changes, policy changes, technology, implementation of IT system, change in government rules, etc. Sometimes, organizations implement quick solutions to such changes without analyzing the overall impact. Some organizations does not update processes which may lead to slow production, qualities, and incompatibilities.

Agate will save your time and money by optimizing processes to be more efficient. The following are the Business Process Optimization services:

  • Review current processes for gaps and inefficiencies
  • Create new processes (if required) or optimize existing ones
  • Impart best practices from a business and technology
  • Provide detailed documentation on the optimized processes
  • Plan and execute (if agreed) change management
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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) uses technology to automate manual and redundant business activities carried out by employees, thereby allowing employees to perform more business-related tasks, perform actions on time without manual error, and also by reducing the cost to the business.

Agate provides services to identify such redundant manual jobs to be automated. Agate identifies a technology that is suitable for automation and guides them through the automation process.

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