We assist small and medium-sized businesses / institutions run their business successfully through continuous evaluation, optimization / enhancement / implementation of processes / IT solutions, and training / coaching of employees. We prepare businesses/institutions for future business changes through continuous planning, implementation of the agreed plan, and continuous review of the outcomes.

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We believe in teamwork. We appreciate our customers’ contributions to make this happen!
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Cyber Fort Technologies
In Agate, I feel I am dealing with an integrated Management Consultancy. It is a company that has great people. As a partner, I still felt the professional approach and the consistency.
Kaalimadom Ayurvedics
Kaalimadom Ayurvedics
I can confidently recommend their high quality, professional work. If you’re working with them, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands.
Saraswathy Vidyabhavan Central School
Saraswathy Vidyabhavan Central School, Thodupuzha
The consultant was passionate, has a comprehensive understanding of our school administration and functioning, with remarkable Quality Assurance knowledge and was contagious.

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