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Business Consulting helps organizations improve their performance and efficiency by removing waste and improve quality.

Digital Transformation

Transforming to serve your customer better

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Software Testing Services

Stop worrying about QA

Outsource your testing and just worry about your core competency - Software Development
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What we do?

We are Business management Consulting firm. We assists small and medium businesses to run their business successfully. We evaluate, optimize the processes, optimize or enhance IT infrastructure, and train, mentor & coach management and employees. We prepare businesses for future business environment changes through continuous planning, implementation of the agreed plan, and continuous review of the outcomes.

Agate works closely with client organizations to understand the business strategy, resource pool, and their skills to custom build trainings that suit the business goals.

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Omnyk Inc.
An Invaluable Partner in Software Testing Services

Agate’s team has consistently displayed a remarkable level of professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and outstanding value throughout our partnership. They possess a deep understanding of our specific software testing requirements, consistently delivering results that meet industry standards.

G J Infotech
Agate Business Consulting has been a valuable asset to our company, G J Infotech. Their expertise in identifying the root causes of our pain areas in management, marketing, and support and proposing over 70 improvement items has been invaluable.
Thanks to Agate’s efforts, we have been able to avoid additional costs, time delays, and quality issues. 
Cyber Fort Technologies
I have interacted with Agate Business Consulting both as a client and as a partner in technology. As a client, the Agate approach is that of a true business partnership. Agate has supported our business over the past two years by helping us with business decisions at every turning point. In Agate, I feel I am dealing with an integrated Management Consultancy. It is a company that has great people.